In this meditation we disconnect language from the mind and in so doing incredible things happen. One of the most purifying techniques, garanteed to cut straight through to the very core of who we are.

2 stages set to sound

The first stage 

Follow the recordings and begin speaking in gibberish. If you dont know Russian speak as if you are Russian and so on. Just disconnect meaning from the words. What might begin gingerly soon takes off with an emotional momentum of its own. Go with it. Allow your being to explore and purge. You'll be amazed however resolved you 'think' you are.

Second stage is catharting let go of everything that need to be let out explode ! Or implode ! Wether your banging a cushion with all the frustrations of modern life or crying or punching and cursing the air around you what ever you are holding on to - release - and eventually you reach a place where - its just ‘not feeling great’ or as Buddidst would say Ducca’ for this brief moment in your day just stay with all the negative emotions, feel them ,release them go wild frenzied and crazy . This actually much easier than it sounds having broken a lot of the resistance with the rapid breathing phase

Put the conscious off and allow the unconscious to speak’

No mind is a ridiculously powerful and simple meditation. There really is nothing like it. Its has the most amazing ability to cut straight through you. You need not fear being unable to get out of your own way. By using gibberish, language and words are disconnected from their meanings and emotional bonds so that whatever is hidden emerges effortlessly, surprisingly and dramatically before we sit in silence.



We usually offer this as part of 7 day programme but it’s also amazing as a stand alone meditation. This is for those interested in serious self detox and transformation. For learning what is really going on with you. For healing and releasing deep seated wounds and trauma.



We are like a ship in the water, or a tree in the ground so much more of us lies under the surface, often sabotaging who we conceive ourselves to be consciously. Within a few minutes you will be surprised what emerges and how quickly the doors to your hidden self come forth, leaving you to be more you, more authentic in everyway, in every situation you find yourself in.



In India we would do this on mass. I have been lucky enough to source some old recordings of these sessions which are like a match to timbre. Truly incredible.



‘Put the conscious off and allow the unconscious to speak’



Go crazy, go wild, THEN sit like a Buddha after we have cleaned our minds and released everything.

"Meditation has its own movement; you can't direct it, shape it or force it, if you do, it ceases to be meditation”J.Krishnamurti