Truly transformational morning meditation

5 stages set to music

The first stage is very close to Kundalini Yoga’s breath of fire, but here, attention is just on pushing the breath rapidly out of the nose, not at all on the in breath - we further encourage movement of the body. We are using the breath to break down the resistance in and outside the body, keeping the breath chaotic, changing it whenever we feel comfortable. Throwing in slow breaths and fast breaths, breaking up the rhythm, keeping our egoic selves from feeling at home. 

Second stage is catharting. Let go of everything that needs to be let out. Explode! Or implode! Whether your banging a cushion with all the frustrations of modern life or crying or punching and cursing the air around you, whatever you are holding on to - release - and eventually you reach a place where it's just ‘not feeling great'. For this brief moment in your day just stay with all the negative emotions, feel them, release them, go wild, frenzied and crazy. This is actually much easier than it sounds having broken a lot of the resistance with the rapid breathing phase.

Third stage we come back to ourselves. Let the wildness of the cathartic phase go and come into our feet, our bones and when we are ready, we raise our hands above our heads and begin jumping. As we land we say the mantra ‘hoo’ each time we hit the floor.  Even lowering our elbows as if jack knifing further into the ground. The ‘hoo’ becomes almost primate like and our ancestral self gathers speed. We ground deeper and deeper as if this new version of ourselves, free of whatever we expressed catharting, is saying: find me now universe, here I am . The group becomes one and we jump faster and faster until….

The Fourth stage - FREEZE! The music speeds up and up to a crescendo, a cliff point, until we hear the word ‘Freeze’. All we do, in whatever position we are in is: freeze and not move a muscle, not a hair out of place. We let our breathing go, resist the urge to organise and just focus on not moving. I have to say this is one of the most golden places I know and I always learn alot. With a totally still body, breathing slowly coming back to restfulness after the climb, the mind stops …..and the space beyond words is right here with us, with you …..  it is indescribably beautiful in the freeze …..

The final stage-For the first few minutes we open our bodies and slowly move our hands and arms exploring the space around us a new. The air feels thick and everything feels different. We are different and as we return to our moving bodies once more, we offer a dance of gratitude to the day ahead, to all our fortune, our blessings, the sky, sun, and all our love. We end with a very playful and fun celebratory dance, saying yes to whatever we are feeling, perhaps we are feeling very gentle or vibrant, whatever we are, in whatever way is true for us at the time, we offer up our thanks to the cosmos, to life.

Oh my goodness this meditation should come with a health warning! We love Dynamic!

 One of the most powerful meditations of all and very similar to Kundalini and Kriya Yoga, in that it infuses rapid breath work with movement. It is one of those experiences where the sum is greater than the whole. Traditionally practiced first thing, while it can be done any time of the day, we prefer the morning. You will not find a more expressive wake up meditation anywhere on the planet. The effects of this meditation can last for days!

"when the sleep is broken, the whole nature becomes alive”Osho

While we offer this as daily meditation class and it’s amazing, its also incredibly transformational if repeated for an extended period of time. In my experience, any amount of time is beneficial. I have over the years, turned to this meditation as a personal practice for an extended amount of time, say 21 days. To shift position, break a habit or guide your though a transitory period, there really is nothing like it. 


At the Multiversity of Healing Arts where I learnt these meditations, back in 1995, every day began with Dynamic and ended with Kundalini Meditation. While there may have been many hypocrisies, I have never seen a community of people hold such a frequency, be so full of radiance and awe and personally I have never been so high. Thank you for this amazing Meditation.



Resistance is a given with this meditation. The very thing you are breaking through, is the very thing resisting, your sloth, your self preservation, your pretence and self-importance. It is a bit like performing live, or public speaking, or expanding your comfort zone in some way. You wonder why you are doing it until you have just done it. Where on the other side, you feel incredible and there is just no doubt!