Soft nurturing ancient Tibetan humming meditation

3 stages sitting set to music

The first stage is humming, lips together resonating as if you are an empty bamboo flute.

Second stage is divided into two sections. In the first,  our hands are out stretched in front of us palms upwards by our navel, as if cupping water and very, very slowly allowing our hands to move outwards first and then to the sides in circles as if giving out. Then in the second section we turn our hands over, palms down and draw the circle in the opposite direction as if gathering in. Out to the sides first and then in at the middle. Sometimes so slow you may not even be able to see any movement. The trick here is to allow the hands their own space to move-they know.

Third stage - we lie or kneel or sit in the stillness. Everything in its rightful place, all the doing is done and enjoy all the space we have created inside.

This is a warm healing sea of a meditation. So, so beautiful. It's as if we are held by the mother of all of us, with eyes only for us, knowing everything we are and need. I love this meditation so much.

Nadadbrama is an ancient Tibetan Buddhist technique originally practised in the early hours of the morning but it is ok to do it anytime of the day and is one of my personal favourites.


Essentially a humming meditation, with mudras or hand movements and then finally a silent or restful phase. There is also a couples version which is awesome!

"Some things are to understand and not say. Be quiet.” Rumi

This is a ‘womb’ of a meditation. It holds you and invites you in so hypnotically, as the resonance of the hum is somewhat mesmeric. We hum with lips closed and bathe in the resonances within. It’s as if we are ‘rippling’ out in all directions, everything vibrating.



In harmony, immersed in the gongs and sound bath music, we become empty and instrument like.


After the hum, still kneeling or sitting, we enter the second phase where we make very simple circles with our hands. First with palms up in a giving out motion and second with our palms turned over in a gathering in motion. This is such a beautiful and often very emotional part of the meditation, where the veils disappear and something is given and received.



This is a perfect vehicle for bringing our awareness to where we are at with giving and receiving. Most of us find giving easier and grapple with feeling deserving and trusting when gathering in. 



The feeling of empathy and compassion is truly amazing, of giving ourselves over, letting ourselves go and forgiving all that we are, all that we’ve ever heard, spoken, thought, done or not done.



Finally, we sit or lie, however we feel comfortable and let go further and release whatever is left and meditate together.


Guidance is as little as possible. Know that silence is the real teacher. When we are all settled and relaxed, another energy ramps up in the space and things are really golden.



Meditation is seated, with meditation stools provided or cushions and mats. Please bring a mat if you have one, a cushion and a light rug. We have everything you will need if you can’t get to them or forget etc.


I love this meditation.  I find it to be a brilliant way of allowing one  to see where one is stuck in ones relationship to the world. It creates a huge amount of space within, is very healing, feminine and nurturing.


Thank you for this meditation, I love it.