Night or Day Music Lights the Way

‘Music is meditation, meditation is music. These are two doors to approach the same phenomenon.’

We love music. We become absorbed by it. It’s probably the medium by which we all forget oursevles more than any other. It’s this forgetting, this mesmeric relationship, that is meditation. Your heart beats in a different rythmn. Doors long closed, open and lifetimes of dust are blown away. Use music. We use music in almost all of our meditations. Don’t shoot me down but I also love the sound of silence!



The idea is to free yourself from what lies within, from what is not you. For example, there is controlled crying: you’re feeling something is up, nothing is working for you and everything seems difficult – you’re negative. Find some sad music, close all the doors and curtains, turn it up and weep! You’ll feel so renewed. So reborn.



Give yourself the gift of good music. I am also a musician so music is intrinsic to my life. We create beautiful musical events and I am busily working on my 2nd solo album.


Music is meditation-meditation crystalized in a certain dimension. Meditation is music-music melting into the dimensionless. They are not two. Osho