A Tantric free movement meditation where we bridge the earth and the divine.

3 stages set to amazing music

The first stage is free movement. Just let the body go. Sway like a long bamboo or a piece of kelp in a warm sea. Let go of yourself. Float, sway, allow the movement to take charge and become acutely interested in how your body moves.

Second stage is kneeling gathering energy from above, giving to below.

We kneel and reach up open hearted. Head back and fill up. Fill and fill from the cosmos above and then when we are full and can't take anymore we bow down placing our foreheads on the floor and empty all the cup, all the energy from our spines. Give it all up to the ground beneath us. We repeat this 6 times.

Third stage is our final let go. Just lie comfortably and let go in silence.

One of the gentlest, yet one of the most powerful and profound meditations of them all.

Be the bridge between the divine and the earth. A deeply moving, free movement, cosmic experience.



I love this meditation! It is one of my faves. 


To the most beautiful music, we let the body go in this ancient, tantric, free movement meditation. We simply put ourselves on the shelf and let the body move wherever she/he wants. 



As if by magic, the body moves and there is a feeling of being connected to something so beyond us, it’s quite incredible. It’s as if we are uniting with all the forms we have ever taken, over all the dimensions and millennia, whether imagined or real. There is a deep sense of engaging with an ancient wisdom that is just so lovely and inspiring.



This is a very feminine, gentle, swaying meditation. This type of movement is called Latihan, allowing your highest possibility to take possession of your body. As if we’re in the water or leaves blowing in the wind. Something deep within us remembers such oneness and the barriers between me and that fall away. 


This free movement goes very deep. Just allowing the body to move to the beautiful music, dissolving more and more into our tantric nature: fluid and yielding and flexible.


Allow your body to be loose and receptive, waiting and then cooperating as you feel the urge to move. Go with it. Run with it. Enjoy it. This is like drifting in a warm sea with no care in the world. It is just so incredibly beautiful.


Then we kneel and ‘fill up’ with divine energy. When full, we bend forwards and empty to the ground.



We repeat this 6 times. 




Then we lie and just let go in stillness.

“Thoughts come and go. Feelings come and go. Find out what is that remains” Ramana Maharshi