About me

I am a flawed human being just like you. When I am leading a meditation or teaching a group or healing with my hands, I get a break from myself.

In Dynamic Meditation this is what we do. We use techniques that are so absorbing, that we forget ourselves and crack the egg of our ego, in doing so, enter a much more holistic space where things feel good and are good. We come to realise gradually, that our salvation lies in expanding who we concieve ourselves to be. We are not the body and we are not the

mind, yet we are these things too.   

I managed to unravel myself from a fairly traumatic childhood and travel to a commune in Pune, India aged 21 to help find some meaning and happiness. 

One of the most transformative moments of my life was taking sanyas. It felt like I had turned all the years of tragedy on their head. I studied meditation and learnt from the enlightned, the nature of things.


I worked as a healer and group facilitator in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay in the years that followed and as my confidence grew, so did my dream of becoming a musician.



I signed to Dreamworks in Los Angeles and a few years on, left London for the green hills of Wiltshire with my wife and two small children and wrote my album, “Heartsong”and toured around the world with a number of bands.


A few years on, despite my confidence, I realised that we are all lost. I sensed strongly the insecurity of the physical world. I had a strong compulsion to give up caffein, alcohol and meat and get to a place where I could trust that what I was actually feeling, was me.



I began to mediate again every day, sometimes all day. I remember I was at a dinner party and the lady next to me (having realised I wasn’t drinking) looked at me and said, “ what are you doing and how can I do that?” It was then that I realised I had something to share.


I am passionate about healing, creating magical spaces and helping people have the courage to explore and pursue their connection with themselves and the divine. 


There is much to do for all of us. We love our planet and each other, long may the road ahead be clear and blessed. Its not really about me or you but the timeless that lives in all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



Thankfully we are not our minds!