Truly transformational afternoon meditation

4 stages set to music

4 stages set to music

The first stage is shaking. Traditionally this stage is without any will of your own. You just allow the shake to take possession of your body. But we recommend a little 'getting into it'. Begin to shake, when we feel a stirring within, give in to the shake, shake everything, all you've got: your hands, feet, legs, arms, shoulders, pelvis, buttocks, neck, chest, waist and head. Shake! Feel your kundalini rise.

Second stage is Dancing. Become the music. Go wild. Surprise yourself. Animate wherever you are at. Be that happy or sad. Enjoy.

Third stage - we sit. Just sit or kneel and listen to the beautiful music.

The Fourth stage - Finally we release further, deepen our let go and lay down. Relax, remaining aware and watchful.

This was my first Dynamic Meditation and it changed my life completely.

This was my first dynamic meditation. My world was never the same! We awaken our kundalini and create the space for it to rise. The meditiation has four stages, all very simple but together, incredible things happen. 


Kundalini Meditation is designed to move very potent energies through the body.


"Meditation has its own movement; you can't direct it, shape it or force it, if you do, it ceases to be meditation” J.Krishnamurti

We shake

We dance

We sit

We lie 


In the first phase we shake, let the body be loose and shake it all out. Shake out all the tensions of the day, of the life. As you empty and surrender, the shaking takes on a life of its own. Our kundalini begins to rise and you feel incredible waves of energy surging through you.


Then we dance. However you feel, wild or gentle, let the body go and become the music. Enjoy, relax, and express all that you are. In all your glory give yourself to the dance, permission to be total, passioned and a true vital force of nature. 


When all is done, we want for nothing as we sit. As if warm winds are blowing across our faces, emotionally listening to the beautiful feeling music, passing and penetrating our whole being.

Before we lie in our final let go, deepen our surrender, become witness to whatever is happening and come to rest  in our awareness. 


Kundalini Meditation is a perfect early evening sunset meditation, where we release the day and open to the magical evening ahead.



Very heart opening and uplifting. We guide you all the way, keeping you safe and alert as we celebrate our individuality and sexuality in this vibrant, sexy movement meditation.