One of the funnest meditations of all. We dance and then we are still.

One of the funnest meditations of all. We dance and then we are still.

2 stages set to amazing music

The first stage is Dancing. We have a warm up phase then we build up the energy working through the body.

Second stage is rest, the final let go, we come to ground, either sitting, lying or standing, we meditate.

Meditation is a function of being happy. Meditation follows a happy man like a shadow. Wherever he goes, whatsoever he is doing, he is medative-Osho

We have found this to be one of the most fun, natural and uplifting meditations of all. 


Whether we are doing a classic Nataraj Meditation to devotional Indian music, or banging our rythmn on the floor with the  best dance music, we find these are just so much fun and transforming.



Every dance is different. A homecoming to something so simple, so intrinsic and rejuvenating, so good for us on so many levels. Dance is something that we have through millennia turned to for togetherness, divine rapture and balance. We love to dance.



Forget the dancer. Become the dance. Dance so deeply that you forget you are dancing. Have fun. Give yourself to whatever is happening, whatever you are feeling and a totality emerges. As the divisions between experience and experiencer disappear, meditation begins to happen. Enjoy yourself. Explore your body and play.



Remember the transforming power of being playful. Say yes to wherever you are at, whatever you are feeling. Leave all alone. Be gentle, be furious, free or stuck, just be honest with yourself and watch as it all transforms. It is so simple. Just turn up to yourself and allow the expression of that to flood every cell of your being.



There is no greater fear than of fear itself. Take courage and trust in your own healing ability, your best good and start dancing! Dancing is healing.


We’re all the same really, as silly, as wonderful, as hindered or free, as old or young. Dancing is a universal language of the bodymindsoul that reaches far back beyond us. When we dance, we see our myriad complications as details lost in a very large ocean. Thank you dance and all of you dancing.

"The sun is love. The lover, a speck circling the sun. A Spring wind moves to dance any branch that isn't dead." Rumi

 Our playlists are designed to help you forget yourself at the same time as including as much of you as possible.


Dancing is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a man

For Dancing Meditations with a difference please look out our Warm Collective page. These are extended dance meditations and experiences, that are like an evening out, full of colour, community, freedom  and joy!