Here at Dynamic Meditation we are not so invested in becoming great meditators but becoming vibrant and radiant expressions of who we truly are. Becoming so alive that our experiences are enough to propel us away from the mind and into our hearts. To be a light unto ourselves. Our own master, open to our feelings, moved by our instincts, driven by the bliss of being ourselves, relaxation our birthright. Self realised, vital and very very alive. This is the path of non repression.


For that to happen we are going to have to learn to live from an expanded sense of self or no self



When you catch a wave, love your lover, kiss your child, run in the wild, dunk your head below the water line, marvel at the world about you…..you are not. 



We are going to need to learn to recognise our walls, our thought patterns, our habit patterns. We are going to have to become strong enough within ourselves to see how low we are. To accept ourselves truly with no pretence.



We, each one us, are going to have to seek experiences that invite us to break through our egos. All the time, everyday and slowly each day, the warm, rich winds of bliss will penetrate you deeper and deeper until we are one. That’s the plan!

First we wake up, open up, let go, free up. Then we clear all our densities, all our stuff. Finally we Meditate.

Waking up

These meditations are designed for the Western mind. To find that which the Eastern mind has centuries long been accustomed to. To wake us up.



Especially in the West, we are our minds and while alot has been established, it’s come at a cost.


We need a certain force to break though the grip of our minds.


Exercise is brilliant. Raise the heart rate. Run, dance, put a bit more of you into whatever you’re doing physically, this will help you come down from the mind. We do that brilliantly in these classes, but don’t wait for us. Get out there in whatever way you can. Breathe in all that Chi.



Everyday reset, reboot, give yourself and the world another chance each day. Our bodies have the most amazing self healing abilities.


We need to crack the hard egg around us, reignite our sensitivity to the subtler things, the divine

Cleaning up

If we’re full of ‘stuff ‘ or fatigue or worry or anxiety then when we stop, our experience is empty and not blissful. Our energy is not working properly. 


We free ourselves from what is hindering us. Usually this is far easier than our minds would have us think and it’s as simple as just turning around.


We take resposiblity and begin to release the pain of all the harm we have ammassed upon ourselves and others. 



We pull it all back, all in again, everything we have given out we pull back in and forgive.



We release all our pent up frustrations, scars and wounds. Release ourselves from our roles, our conditionings, our limiting structures. We clean house!: Our energy system.


When we are clean, our experience of relaxation is deep and blissful. 


Once we are awake, alive, alert and open we are one step closer.


Now we are clear and cleansed. We’ve jumped or danced, or catharted, we’ve released our anger or cried. We’ve emptied. We’ve been true to ourselves, authentic to how we feel.



So there is a glimmer of space. We let go, more and more, we drop, come into this moment. This timeless NOW and rest in complete acceptance.



Quiet, sensitive and undemanding, we wait, ready for our communion, our church. Our experience that humbles, fullfills and heals and hurts. Bliss. Meditation is one of the most beautiful things.



There are no words. Please come and share

For us, meditation is blissfull and absorbing. It is not something you struggle with. It’s not a wrestling with your mind, it’s the most natural experience of yourself available. There is nothing to do but let go and remain, as life sings her song. It is not something saved for the hills of the Himalaya or the halls of silence, but something intrinsic to our nature.

It is us when we are free, happy, unhindered and unhinged without holding any ideas about ourselves. When we are genuinely happy and free in the bodies we are in and there is enough space within to let you truly relax. That space is our awareness, sometimes our radical rebel, other times our self discipline. This is the art of being.