This has been one of my life biggest break throughs, realisations and discovery’s.

My first massive ‘intervention’ was Dynamic Meditation. Specifically Kundalini Meditation in my teens that blew my world open, sent me off on cruise course to India and beyond. My record deals, meeting my incredible wife, ‘having’ two amazing kids, owning a home (I was homeless for a while) and discovering Trauma Work.

What are your AWAKENINGS? 

For me, and my intention from an early age, and I still feel or have a belief that I have no right to say this, but it is true none the less was to  ‘resolve the human condition’. I have no idea what that meant really or where that came from, it may even be a story I use to tell my self to make sense of my otherwise fairly unnormal life, maybe no more than to  answer the paternal inherited voice of ‘we are not enough’ and need to be more than, in ambition, pursuit and action…but what ever it looks, certainly when I stumbled upon Trauma Work, to have been realised.

I jumped into seeing that I was still being constrained by my ‘identity’ at the begining of the pandemic. I looked at my life at all the opportunity. Thankfully  my life has been full, jam packed, with opportunity. Doors have been open. Yet I still seemed to have a fair amount of lack in my life. I do feel a little, disloyal even, saying that because at the same time i’ve had so much abundance too and I am deeply thankful and grateful. I’ve toured the world many times with different bands and felt true bliss in my heart, had the honour of leading groups and working with people, meditation, passion , love creativity , nature all the good stuff but I knew somehow there was more to do. I know now that it was the lack in my life that was showing me where I was out of flow. There is no disloyalty or lack of gratitude to the all abundant universe in realising where you are settling and where you can really shine brighter.

I discovered that I had limiting beliefs. One was that, as an artist and well ness guy that I was never going to make too much cash! Id be full in my heart but my bank would be, well just enough! I was also aware that I had had ‘squandered ‘so much opportunity that it MUST be me! I mean I was signed by Dreamworks for a million dollars and I never felt like that money was mine, or had any rights to it. I remember calling my book keeper asking for some to buy a guitar and she would tell me…”you know its your money” but I didn’t get it.

So when I heard Tony Robbins the billionaire guru say, your life is your IDENTITY on a subconscious level I jumped at it like a flame to tinder(not the app). All this good stuff, ive been Vegan, Alcohol and substance free for over a decade, teach Yoga, dance meditation , surf , silent retreats I mean all the good stuff and yet…..something was still not working. I reconciled my British desire for less hyperbole and hype and gave myself to the Tony Robbins process.

Im happy to say it worked. However I still needed more. Much more. I saw that I need Therapy, well even Tony Robbins, after id walked over coals and smashed through planks of wood conceded that if we had serious trauma we might still  need therapy!!!  Because I had suffered a load of abuse, sexual too, the lot, I knew that was probably me. Now aware in some way that I was responsible for the life out picturing  ….I was on the hunt for more. I was listening to an amazing therapist Francis Licorish who has worked for what must be the best part of 30 years a trauma therapist say something like ‘when you start down the road of becoming consciousness there is always help- just know you are helped’ and he is so right. I found myself on a podcast with an incredible woman Dr. Erin Fall Haskell who was taking another women through some kind of process that seemed incredibly intense and transformative. I knew I had to do that. Dr . Erin was incredibly generous and when I asked if I could go through the same process, i was told that yes next week. I waited knowing this was going to be one of the biggest moments of my life. And then when we were done I knew it was not just going to be one if the biggest moments of my life but also many others too. I was to learn this and share it with everyone. 

It turns out that, as the ancients have been saying for centuries, that we are in fact more powerful than any of us really believe. And that commands made by us about us or others or the world are operating just below the surface in our subconscious to contunually recreat the experience and forms to match what ever those commands , those decisions, are. What we do in Trauma work is we go back to those moments of heightened negative emotion and we experience them over and over again as if they are happening now with out any storyline or evaluation, in so doing releasing any stored emotion , spotting what commands we made about ourselves, others life. See how that has played out into our lives and open to the possibility of making a shift, a new paradigm, a new declaration for ourselves and our lives.

In real terms this, in my experience, process is like the sea’s parting and walking over to the promised land. It is mind blowingly transformative and revealing and ultimately leads you to the unmistakable truth that YOU are the life you are living. There is the double edge sword again, on the on hand you have all the power, on the other hand you have all the power!. Responsibility. 

I mean I had already walked my own path, let go of my place at Edinborough Uninverstiy after teaching myself A-levels for the Multiversity of Healing Arts in India, studied with the Enlightened, practised Yoga and Meditation all my adult life yet Still these commands were skilfully working away under the surface. Trauma work and Subconscious Reprogramming is the missing link in all of this. Working directly with your identity is working with the master strokes of your life. You see it just change. All of it. Right Now. It is Miraculous.

Doing your Trauma Work, re educating in the light of that clearned  stored emotion, mixed with all the wisdom of the wisdom traditions of antiquity and the more modern Mind Science and New Thought Movement just gives all the tools we need to find what ever version of ourselves we seek. Finally there is a place for our trauma in all of this and not just swept under the carpet. Now when the Yogis where talking of remembering and of oneness, and of constantly asking ‘who are you?’ and becoming the universe. We know what they were on about. Well you will do if you do your trauma work. Consciousness ‘itself ‘ becomes a friend and the whole ‘thing’ opens up. You release any conditioned separation, birth your authentic truth and become who you were always destined to be. Prosperity flows through your life and you are a walking gratitude amplifier!

Its that simple. And you may be thinking. I don’t have any trauma! Good for you! But what did you last get cross about, react to or become triggered by? Yes that will be your Trauma, your subconscious commands you decided about your self, life and or others. Clear the trauma, the stored emotion and you clear the reactive ness the trigger. Your able to remain as you truly are. Your free choice is given back. We could go on. And there is always so much to share but even if you looked up to your father as a kid and he didn’t notice you because he was rightfully watching the traffic or just ‘ somehwere’ else, on the phone, what ever and you decided something like ‘I dont matter’ or “im not enough’ through no fault of your parents you will be out living that command your whole life. Finding experiences to match ‘im not good enough’ ‘ I dont matter’.

For example I managed to make a million dollars disappear. Just by those same commands. 

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