Living in the moment might sound simple enough but why have the enlightened been banging on about IT for centuries and modern bestsellers are still springING up?the door to our salvation.

Moment to moment is another key tool for us bliss seekers. One of the best modern resources is a fabulous book: The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle. But the sentiment goes far far back, way beyond our time.

So why is living in the moment so important, or so effective? Why could one just do that as a path to the divine, to our true ourselves?

The answer, is quite predictable after reading many pages on the website…you’ve guessed it: the mind!

Please forgive the repetitive nature of the message but it is the answer to almost all our issues!

The mind cant exist here. There is no comment about Now. There is no reflection. Mind does not do this very second, now this one, now this one. This is the moment.

Life is a river of seamless moments, the nature of which have a sweetness even when there is pain and hard ship.

The mind, our thoughts, only exist in either the past or the future. They will have you believe you are them and try and keep you in either the past or the future.

We are taking back the reigns from our thoughts, our minds, redirecting unmeasurable amounts of energy by becoming more present, more here.

There are stories about Zen masters walking round their students hitting them with a wooden stick every time they drifted off! Until they became so aware so present that they would catch the stick in there deepest relaxation. When they had conquered the waking state, the Zen master would then attack them in their sleep! Until they could sleep and still be totally aware. That does sound fun!

We rage against the dying of the light. Everything is moving, fluid. The mind wants to define, organise, file, reduce, label and judge away our shimmering experiences. Just check out living more in the moment you are in. Allow your mind to become a brilliant tool that awaits you. Not you.

Let each moment die to the next with out asking why. In so doing your coming into the centre. The navel of all things, the sweet spot, where we meet and align with the power of the universal, with everything else also at centre point, at Now, in the moment. See you here.xx


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