Ruu is a very special healer. I went to see Ruu after my mum died with the intention to try to escape the pain of loss I was experiencing. I felt instantly very safe and supported in the beautiful space he created. I was held in or brought back to what I can only describe as a feeling of home. I felt as though I had regained my clarity, and shifted into a deeper understanding of a bigger picture. I was at peace. I left feeling uplifted, clear and incredibly comforted by the experience. 

Ruu!!!!! Thank you so much for the Dance Meditation on Saturday!!!! It was so awesome!!! I just love you them!!! I can’t even put into words how I feel after them!!! It’s so amazing!!! You need to record your meditations!!! They are gold!!!! When you are doing the meditation, I just feeling the big ball of energy start at my toes and move through my body!!! It’s incredible!!! Can’t wait for the next one!!!! You have so many specials gifts to share!!!!


That specific breath you offered is really difficult (as you said) to do alone because it is hard to stay motivated. Your guidance, presence, and space holding was such perfect motivation to keep going. I am so grateful to have released tears and fears and realize some underlying ancestral wounds informing my current day to day that I can now move forward and let go…. with more breathwork and dance!
I have never felt more part of the earth than when you guided us to feel so deeply into the earth in the stomping portion of the dance. I dug so deep I felt only my neck and head were above the ground. You gave such permission for uninhibited primal movement to come through! 
I am really grateful for what you offer and I hope to join again. Thank you for the tip about head down & manifest… it rings true to listen to! 
Gratitude and many many blessings!

Man I had THE MOST beautiful time yesterday and last night.
The perfect mix for letting go and letting in what needs to come.
So grateful to your magical wizard self and your tunes.



Thank you so much for once again guiding us through such an amazing dance meditation. Each time it’s like I’m able to become more myself, step into my power and truth and I am forever grateful for that. Thank you for being such a beautiful channel of love and light that the universe has for each and every one of us. Every time you inspire me to break out of my shell, out of fears, limiting beliefs, and to fully express my gifts to the world around. I  had been feeling stuck and resistance on my next steps, and all i know is that all the energy I felt during that dance meditation is what I want my future clients and every soul i meet to feel, so thank you for being such an amazing example and my inspiration!

Love & Light,
Ruby M